EFQM ارزیابی عملکرد بانک ملت با استفاده از مدل تعالی سازمانی

EFQM ارزیابی عملکرد بانک ملت با استفاده از مدل تعالی سازمانی
EFQM ارزیابی عملکرد بانک ملت با استفاده از مدل تعالی سازمانی
90,000 ریال 
تخفیف 15 تا 30 درصدی برای همکاران، کافی نت ها و مشتریان ویژه _____________________________  
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تعداد صفحات : 209 صفحه _ فرمت pdf _ مطالعه موردی شعب بانک ملت شهرستان مراغه _ همراه با پرسشنامه و جداول آماری _ جهت دریافت دانش نامه کارشناسی ارشد در رشته مدیریت بازرگانی _ دانلود مطالب بلافاصله پس از پرداخت آنلاین

Today the roll of evaluation systems and efficient monitoring in improvement of
organizations is completely well known. The function evaluation of organizations to
identify the stroungth and weekness has an special importance in optimal using of
sources and facilities .To do this, function evaluation models have been succeeded
significantly in affording responding to this need of organizations and could be used as
a guide in achieving the improvement of human sources. Among them, EFQM model is
recognized as a comprehensive model in function evaluation. The current research is a
descriptive and quantitative study which evaluates the function of mallet bank
departments based on (organization improvement model).The first chapter of this
research includes materials in which the outline is
Included. The second chapter, which includes literature, theories and viewpoints, related
to this model in Iran and other countries have been investigated to explore research
hypothesis and questions.
The third chapter is dedicated to research methodology. In this research quantitative
method is use and questionnaires are used to collect data and to check documents. In the
fourth chapter data analyze and hypothesis test is donning by confirming statistics and
single T test. Statistical software SPSS used to this propose. Also descriptive statistics
and distribution tables and graphs are used to deal with population investigation of
sample .the results from analyzing hypothesis indicate that in 95% level of reliability the
main hypothesis is confirmed. The results indicate that sub hypothesis is also
IN the last chapter, the fifth one, based on findings from data analyzes, conclusions are
made and propositions are offered to raise the improvement level of Mellat bank

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